Tenuta Terraviva

The history of Tenuta Terraviva starts at the end of the ‘70s. This is when Gabriele Marano bought a part of the pre-existent estate. During the years, the winery expanded up to 25 hectares, certified organic since 1998. They started with biodynamic agriculture in 2020.

Terraviva lies on the pristine hills of Tortoreto, in the province of Teramo, where they create wines able to represent the territory. Tenuta Terraviva lies between the Adriatic Sea and Gran Sasso mountains; this means that the vineyards are constantly crossed by land or sea breeze. Furthermore, mineral and clay soils between 100 to 200 meters above the sea level give their wines a peculiar savoury taste.

The range of products, all certified organic, gose from Trebbiano to Pecorino, from Passerina to Montepulciano. The main goal is to represent and respect the terroir of Tortoreto. Even more, they make single-vineyard wines in order to have a real expression of the different micro terroirs of the winery.

The harvest is handmade in small boxes and the grapes do not undergo any chemical or weeding treatment, and no additives, sugar or enzymes are added. Fermentations are spontaneous with indigenous yeasts.


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