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Italian Wine Grapes

From the clayey soils of the Aosta Valley to the volcanic lands of Sicily, Italy is the only country in the world where wine is produced throughout the entire territory.

Thanks to its incredible variety of climates and territories, Italy is home to more than 350 native grape varieties: it would take a lifetime to taste all the Italian wines.

Vinifero offers you a selected choice of Italian wines to let you travel the entire country from the comfort of your house.

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About Vinifero

Vinifero means “He who brings wine” - we roam around Italy looking for the most authentic terroir-driven Italian wines and bring them to you at a special price.

We carefully select our winemakers and want to highlight their stories and human qualities that are, in the end, the Italian culture. And while you take a sip of their wine, listen to their stories. Each one is different, with its own traits and peculiarities, but with something in common: they all come from the heart of the wine.