Giovanni Ederle

Giovanni Ederle Valpolicella Veneto Amarone Wine

Giovanni Ederle is a small winery founded in 2005 at the edge of Valpolicella: it includes around 12 hectares, equally divided between vineyards and olive trees.

The first small experimental harvest was in 2008. Since 2009 it switched from using chemicals pesticides and herbicides to more sustainable and natural products, like sulphur and copper. The winery is now certified organic and the philosophy is to nurture as much as possible the vines, in order to grow healthy grapes and take as little action as possible in the cellar.

A good horse manuring during the winter, pruning with respect for the lymph flow, great selection of the shoots, and great attention to the defoliation are some examples of the work in the field.

Thanks to all of these practices, Giovanni Ederle is able to make elegant wines with subtle aromas.


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