Here at Vinifero, we have seen first-hand the pressure of Climate Change in the wine industry. That's why sustainability is at the heart of our company interests.

We think about our impact to the planet in everything we do, from choosing only organic, biodynamic, and natural winemakers to using 100% recyclable packaging material, from offsetting our CO2 emissions to minimizing the use of paper in our business.

There are some amazing wines in US, Argentina, and South Africa, but we chose to focus on Italy, which is far closer to Switzerland, in order to cut down our carbon footprint.

We do not take part in Black Friday or any other sales that may impact the environment negatively.

Our commitment is not only toward the environment: we think that a company, to be really sustainable, must create strong and long-lasting relationships with stakeholders. That's why we aim to:

  • reduce our impact on the local communities;
  • build fair partnerships with our suppliers;
  • respect in every possible way our customers and our team.

We constantly want to improve and to be as sustainable as possible. If you have any suggestion or feedback on our sustainability please email us at