Valdibella Grillo Nero d'Avola Sicily Wine

Valdibella is a farmers’ co-op that is run organically within a wider project about sustainability: nurture the soil and human relations with respect for natural and social environment. 

Valdibella was born 21 years ago in Camporeale, a small city in Western Sicily, to help disadvantaged young people in the labour market.

The co-op farms traditional Sicilian crops: grape, almond, wheat, olive, honey, and beans.

Valdibella members have chosen to promote local grape varieties which are used to produce natural wines with spontaneous fermentation, reducing the use of SO2 in the cellar. The production is certified organic to respect the land and the natural cycles, and to avoid toxic and invasive chemicals both in the vineyards and in the cellar.

The same importance is given to the ethical side: Valdibella works alongside “Addiopizzo”, a Sicilian grassroot movement to build a community of businesses and consumers who refuse to pay the pizzo (Mafia extortion).


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