Top 5 Prosecco Cocktails

Prosecco is great enjoyed on its own, but combined with selected ingredients, syrups, and liqueurs such as those made from orange, elderflower, strawberry, or lemon, you are sure to please and impress your guests with some tasty and refreshing combinations.

There is in fact hardly any easier cocktail to make than a good Prosecco-based cocktail.

We’ve selected 5 of the most popular classic Prosecco wine cocktails and punches, gathered for you recipes and ingredients, so you can master the Art of Prosecco cocktail-making in minutes.


Aperol Spritz

Aperol is a typically-Italian apéritif made from bitter orange, gentian, rhubarb, cinchona, and other ingredients. It’s similar to Campari but a little sweeter in taste. The whole has a strong orange/mandarin flavor with hints of bitterness from the cinchona and gentian.

Combined with the fresh acidity of a good Prosecco and the bubbles of the sparkling wine and soda water, it’s perfect for every occasion.



  • ⅓ Prosecco;
  • ⅓ Seltz or Carbonated Water;
  • ⅓ Aperol.


How to Make It?

  1. Pour 1 volume of Prosecco wine (typically 60ml – 2 oz.) into a cocktail glass;
  2. Add the same volume of carbonated water;
  3. And the same volume again of Aperol;
  4. Optional garnish: a slice of orange, and ice;
  5. Stir gently to mix fully.


Strawberry Passion Ice Cream Prosecco Cocktail

Now, this is a very easy-to-make cocktail that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Simply made from ice cream and Prosecco, it just looks gorgeous and tastes so refreshing.



  • Strawberry Ice Cream;
  • Prosecco.


How to Make It?

  1. Serve 2-3 scoops of ice cream in a coupe glass;
  2. Cover in Prosecco wine;
  3. Optional garnish: fresh strawberry, a branch of fresh rosemary.


Spritz Hugo

The famous Spritz Hugo is a palate-pleasing Italian aperitivo cocktail that is extremely popular, especially in all areas of Europe surrounding the Alps mountain ranges, from the South Tyrol and the whole North Eastern part of Italy, to Germany and Austria. The Elderflower Syrup gives it a distinctive floral character.



  • 1 Volume Prosecco;
  • 1 Volume Seltz or Carbonated Water;
  • ½ Volume Elderflower Syrup.


How to Make It?

  1. Pour 1 volume of Prosecco wine (typically 60ml – 2 oz.) into a cocktail glass;
  2. Add the same volume of carbonated water;
  3. Pour ½ volume of Elderflower Syrup;
  4. Optional garnish: lemon or lime, mint leaves, slices of apple, and of course ice cubes;
  5. Stir gently to mix fully.


Prosecco Limoncello

Prosecco sparklings often feature a natural lime or lemon flavor and a crisp acidity to them, just from the grapes they are made from. But if you like to enhance those varietal characters with even more citrus notes, just add one fifth of Italian Limoncello liqueur.



  • 100 ml Prosecco wine;
  • 20 ml (⅕) Limoncello lemon liqueur.


How to Make It?

  1. Pour the Prosecco bubbly;
  2. Add the Limoncello to taste;
  3. Garnish with mint leaves, fresh pomegranate, and ice. Feature a slice of fresh lemon to the side of the glass if you feel so inclined.



A favorite for your Sunday morning brunch!

Favor a freshly-squeezed orange juice if you can - or buy a quality juice - to get the genuinely-refreshing and natural-tasting experience. Make sure both the juice and the Prosecco are well chilled.

From there, there’s nothing easier to make: pour the Prosecco and add the juice. Standard proportions are half and half of each, but some drinkers prefer ¾ Prosecco and ¼ juice, or vice versa depending how much you like the taste of the wine or the juice’s to be the dominant feature.



  • ½ Prosecco wine;
  • ½ Freshly-squeezed orange juice.


How to Make It?

  1. Pour the Prosecco bubbly;
  2. Add the juice;
  3. If you go for the ¾ juice, pour the juice first and then add the dash of Prosecco to it instead.




Image credits: Tomasz Rynkiewicz.