7 Best Food and Wine Combos for Holiday Parties

We all have those holiday parties where we meet up, celebrate, and share a meal.

It is during these occasions among many others like birthday party invitations that nothing is allowed to go wrong, especially the food.

Every meal must be well prepared to give out an incredible taste and wow everyone present; this is exactly where food and wine combination skills come in handy. Not every wine is meant for any food and vice versa; the combination should be great if at all you want to end up with nothing but the best meal.

The flavours should squash and bring out a brilliant taste that will put a smile on anyone with taste glands. Here are some of the best food and wine combinations that you will find amazing to have on your holiday party menu.


Baked goose

One thing you should know about baked goose is that it has an incredible amount of fat.

That is why some people try to keep it off their menu as much as they can. The other part is that it is usually very delicious and at times you might just find yourself craving for it. If at all you want to balance the meal so that you end up with the best combination then consider having an acidic wine which has that sharp taste like Gavi DOCG "INDI" from La Mesma.

The acidity is to break down the fats while the sharp taste is to go with the sweet gushing flavour of the goose. This will give you that sort after blend that will keep those in attendance eating more than they expected.


Succulent roast beef

This is one of the best meal to have on your holiday party menu. For starters, it is not that hard to prepare. Succulent roast beef is just what you need to keep the party going. Its aroma is remarkable, and that juicy, tender beef with a golden coat is exactly what you need. To heighten the delicious vibe, you will need a Nero d'Avola DOC from Valdibella or a Vino Nobile di Montepulciano DOCG from Manvi winery.

These are great combinations, and they will definitely make you enjoy every bit of it. You should also make sure that the beef has just enough salt to taste. This way, you will heighten the delicious vibe and have an easy time having the two.


Smoked salmon

Including a plate of smoked salmon wouldn’t be such a bad idea. You need that seafood to bring on an exotic vibe and give your food selection a much better taste. This should contain onion and fresh tomatoes with coriander trimmings to add flavour.

For wine, you can go with something moderately dry like Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG extra dry "Ariò" from L'Antica Quercia. This will make sure the salmon retains its remarkable taste. You will also feel the wine’s flavour meaning that it won’t be flat.



Pairing wine and foods with earthy ingredients such as mushrooms can be quite a challenge.

They tend to have a unique taste that not just anyone can figure out what to pair it to. Lucky you today you get to know the remedy. Mushrooms are tastier and much sweeter than most earthy foods. This means that you need something light-bodied red or full-bodied white that has a deep savoury taste to drain it down, like Collio DOC Friulano from La Castellada.

You can also consider adding truffles to your food combination so as to make it much more interesting. But then remember, whatever the case, you should find the perfect match with the wine.


Fried chicken - Trebbiano d'Abruzzo Mario

Chicken is most people’s favourite especially for those who have a thing for white meat. When well cooked, chicken tends to have that incredible oily taste that feels heavenly. Having this in mind, you can include some vegetables and dips to keep the plate colourful.

You can then have a bottle of dry wine like Trebbiano d'Abruzzo Superiore DOC "Mario's 46", so that you can make use of their subtle sweetness to bring out a much better taste. With such a combination you don’t have to worry about losing the chickens flavour over the wine’s, and you get to keep that incredible wine feel. It is even much better for those people who love salty foods because it will definitely cool that down a notch.


Grilled cheese with caramelized onions - Conegliano "A"

Grilled cheese with caramelized onions will give your party a great aroma.

This will definitely be the highlight of the day only if you pair it with a great wine, like Conegliano Prosecco Superiore DOCG Sui Lieviti brut nature "A". Don’t be afraid to give people what they have never tasted before. Yes, it’s risky because you don’t know how it will turn out but then what if it becomes to be the best food they have had all day.




Source: http://socialvignerons.com/2019/02/01/7-best-food-and-wine-combos-for-holiday-parties

Image credits: Kelsey Chance