5 top Italian women in wine business

woman holding a glass of wine in a vineyard

Today it’s the International Women’s Day and we are here to present you some of the most brilliant, successful, and innovative women in the Italian wine business.


Eleonora and Gloria Barale

Eleonora and her sister Gloria represent the fifth generation to take the reins at Barale Fratelli, a Piedmontese winery whose history in the region dates back to 1870, when Francesco Barale began the production of the Langhe vines, and more specifically, Barolo. Nowadays the winery is run by the two women and their father, Sergio Barale. They uniquely represent the new generation in Barolo: proud women holding leadership roles in what was once a very male-dominated context, but with ties to the past and great respect for tradition.

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Roberta De Quarto

Roberta De Quarto is the 5th generation of winegrowers in Leporano (Apulia), where she and her father keep alive the typical palmento (millstone) tradition. Here, she works only with native grapes grown with the traditional alberello pugliese shape (Apulian little-tree). In the cellar, traditional and modern techniques cooperate to create fine wines, with authentic character and natural quality.

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Paola, Francesca, and Anna Rosina

The three Rosina sisters Paola, Francesca, and Anna run the winery for 20 years, when they started it as a hobby, but they quickly turned it into a leading winery in the region thanks to their passion and commitment.

Their Gavi di Gavi are a benchmark for the whole region and are celebrated all around the world.

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The following two women in the list don’t have a business relationship with Vinifero (yet?), this means that if you will click to the link below, you will be redirected to an external website.

But today we are here only to celebrate the women in the wine industry and their beautiful wines.


Elisabetta Foradori

Uncompromising and brilliant, Foradori has run her family’s estate in Trentino since she was 20. Her work with the local Teroldego grape has helped bring international attention to this smoky variety; she was also one of Italy's early adopters of the biodynamic approach to grape farming.

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Nicoletta Bocca

Daughter of one of the most renowned Italian journalist, Nicoletta Bocca started her adventure in the wine world in 1992, when she acquired the San Fereolo property. 

She was one of the first winemakers in the region to obtain the Demeter certification and, during the years, San Fereolo became one of the greatest references for the terroir of Dogliani, which is located immediately south of Barolo in the Langhe.

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Image credits: Viktor Hanacek