4 Delicious Wines to Pair With Soup

With this freezing cold, it's always good to eat some kind of comfort food like a warm and reinvigorating soup.

And why not eating it with a glass of good wine?

Many people find challenging pairing soup with wine. And you know what? It's actually not so hard, if you follow this guide.


Chili Con Carne with Prosecco

Believe it or not, a bottle of Prosecco brut is surprisingly great with this hearty, spicy Tex-Mex favorite. The acidity and the effervescence mesh with the scant cheddar cheese sprinkled on top (if you do so), and make the whole taste engagement more creamy. It’s like having sour cream, minus the sour cream.


Butternut Squash Soup with Friulano

So, what’s one supposed to pair with this comforting crowd-pleaser? It’s gotta be the Friulano. While haters are gonna hate on this aromatic white wine from Friuli-Venezia Giulia, its complex floral and herbal aromas, with hints of thyme, bitter almond, and butter mesh wonderfully with the spice and silky texture of this soup.


French Onion Soup with Gavi

Classic French comfort food deserves a perfect pairing: Gavi. Not just any Gavi, though. Gavi Riserva (in this case, made with vines 50 years old), with just the right level of sapidity to complement the distinct sweet flavor of Maillard reaction caused by slow-cooked onions. While some may say it’s too light for something so rustic and brothy, the acidity in this wine should cut right through without an issue!


Minestrone with Pinot Grigio

For this soup known for its clear broth, leafy greens, and beans, we chose a earthy Pinot Grigio from Friuli. It has the right amount of vegetables and earthy aromas, with hints of smoke and earth floor to be a perfect match for this classic rustic Italian soup.




Source: https://winefolly.com/wine-pairing/wines-pair-soup/

Image credits: Sheri Silver