Personal Cellar Curation

Vinifero helps you curate your personal cellar with a brilliant combination of tradition and technology.

With the utmost discretion, Vinifero will work with you, to create your perfect cellar, whether you want to drink now or invest in great vintages for years to come.

We take the time to learn about your palate, passions, and lifestyle. Then, using that information as our starting point, we create possible combinations of wines in order to create the ideal cellar for you or review a complete inventory and make your current collection easily accessible through personalized tags.


Contact for more information, but in the meantime: 


Cellar - DOC

This option is for consumers which primarily prefer wines to "drink now". This can work either on a subscription based service or just providing a little helping hand in purchasing the very best.


Cellar - DOCG

One eye on investing but you can't resist opening a great bottle for your birthday? Not to worry, we can help you plan a perfect balance of fine wines to lay down, easily accessible wine to drink, and that special occasion bottle that's ready for popping.


Cellar - Riserva

If you're looking to create a cellar for generations, to mull over and be excited about, then we suggest preparing a cellar with careful consideration of what and when to invest in your wine. Don't worry, if you don't plan on drinking the wines, we'll also help you sell them! 


Why Vinifero?

  1. dedicated, passionate, and knowledgable wine professionals for consultation;
  2. easy payment plans suited to your personal needs;
  3. first initial consultation free of charge;
  4. current cellar valuations and annual reviews;
  5. printed cellar list to talk you through the wines.