Cantina Malopasso

Cantina Malopasso Sicily Etna Wine

Floriana e Pasquale, after years spent in the city, decided to commit themselves to the countryside, the vineyard, and to the wine.

Mount Etna has always been a great winemaking area, but after World War I most of the vineyards were abandoned. Only in recent years this territory has been rediscovered, even if the traditional “alberello” (little tree) trellising technique is often replaced by more recent techniques.  Furthermore, the old Etnean terracing, fruit of hard work of generations of local farmers, are dismantled in order to mechanize the work in the fields, but destroying the typical Etnean landscape.

At Cantina Malopasso they decided to save and promote this land because the “alberello” system tells a story; because traditionally in the vineyards there are also pear, plum, olives, peach, and cherry trees, that increase the biodiversity and, at the of the day, the quality of the wine.

The vineyards are in Zafferana Etnea, on the eastern side of Mount Etna, the side towards the sea. The 70 years old vines are raised with the “alberello” system on a volcanic soil, surrounded by dry stone walls made with lava rocks.

The winery is not officially certified, but saying that they are organic would be simplistic. They not only follow the guidelines about the forbidden treatments in the fields, but they also embrace the ethics of work, the environmental protection, and the landscape conservation.


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