Natural Wine

natural red wine grapes and juice in barrel

Natural wine is the unrefined, unpolished version of what we know as wine.

According to the latest edition of The Oxford Companion to Wine:

  • Grapes are typically grown by small-scale, independent producers;

  • Grapes are hand-picked from organic or biodynamic vineyards;

  • Wine is fermented only with native yeasts;

  • Little or no additives are included (included sulphur dioxide).


Important thing: there is no official or regulated definition of natural wine yet. In most cases, natural wine doesn’t look or taste like a typical wine. Because of the lack of clarification and fining, natural wines are typically cloudy and some may still contain yeast sediment. They have funkier, gamier, yeastier characteristics and are often much less fruity and much more yeasty in their aroma profile than a conventional wine.

Right now, natural wine is one of the most exciting styles in the wine world. It challenges the status quo and what people think is “good wine”, trying to find a new way to produce wine: more natural and, some may add, more authentic.


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