La Mesma

La Mesma Piedmont Gavi Wine

A family business, certified organic, in the heart of Gavi: La Mesma is passionately run by the three sisters Paola, Francesca, and Anna.

They are small producers, proud of taking care of the whole production cycle and of protecting their heritage: the vineyards and the surrounding habitat.

The respect for the territory is the basis of their never-ending research on global quality: the vineyards are subdivided in plots that are distinguishable based on type, soil, age and exposition. 

Each step of Gavi La Mesma production takes place in the cellar in Tassarolo, surrounded by 10 hectares of vineyards. Its name, La Bella Alleanza (The Beautiful Alliance), refers to an agreement signed on these lands during the Napoleonic Wars.  

A rare example of a false cork oak, registered in the Italian registry of monumental trees, is among their vineyards and is thought to be born in the XIV century.

At La Mesma they  strongly believe that the knowledge of the entire growth cycle and the perfect timing for intervention are of extreme importance to obtain healthy and ripe grapes. To preserve the plants and extend their longevity, few years ago they implemented the pruning method of Simonit & Sirch.

The same interest and care for the environment led the winery to introduce a photovoltaic system in their cellar to generate electric energy in a self-sustainable way.


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